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Is Nessie A Mythical Creature Or A Normal Animal?


Do you know the Loch Ness Moster ? If you do, have you been wondering  is it real or just a plain old made up story? This post is based on sites that I researched. An animal or creature named the Loch Ness Monster also known as Nessie, was allegedly first seen by St Columbia around 565AD, however we are still unsure about the truth so lets take a look at the evidence:


According to The Official Sightings a 28 year old, Calley Tulleth , had claimed to see a ‘blue thing’ in the surface of the river. With out thinking she grabbed her phone took many photos.There is a other case in 1954 , a fishing boat named Rival III had tracked down a moving object uderneth of the deep sea, a depth of 480 feet in to the sea. for a other eyewitness said thet an italian newspaper reported a Nessie got killed by a Greman bomb back in 1941. Also back in 1972 the day before April’s Fools day a Lonch Ness Moster flowing around the shore, within hours the news has reported on to the television.


BBC NEWS says that they ‘proves’ that the Loch Nessie Moster does not exist by the team of the reseachers looked at habits of the animal that relate to the Loch Nessie Mosters such as cocodiles and komdo dragon and tried to work out the how Loch Nessie Moster behaved [which is a bit odd] and they also said that the previous report sightings might be a plesiosaur , which is a marine reptiles for sub-tropical waters.


Over all i think that the Loch Ness moster is real because as i was finding evidence it was a bit harder to find arguments against and there was a lot more eyewitness and could many people got mistaken past these years ? I would not believe that many people has mistaken.

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  1. Wing Nam, I enjoyed reading your blog post and listening to your podcast – I thought you drew a sensible conclusion about the Loch Ness monster. You managed to reference your sources and were able to draw sensible conclusions. You do need to check your work little more thoroughly for errors before publishing but overall you should be pleased with your final project. BLOB

    • Wing,

      Very good with the research you did very good by referring to different websites. For your Podcast maybe speak up and not keep on hesitating and reading. Be careful on your punctuation and grammar. But overall, very well done on this project.

    WWW: very detailed
    EBI: it looks like you have trimmed a lot.
    I think you should talk more smoothly.

  3. Wing well done!!
    In your introduction you mist out the word allegedly so next time don’t miss out any words. Also in your aguments for you went quite next time speaka bit louder.

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