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The Bermuda Triangle


The Bermuda Triangle, said to be the Devil’s Triangle, is located between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. Many ships have been said to disappear inside the area of sea inside of the triangle, and also when some planes fly over the triangle, pilots have reported becoming disorientated and dizzy and fall the plane falls into the sea.


According to, there is some sort of magnetic anomaly that messes with the the compass and puts pilots in the area off course.According the they say that it is not a registered territory but it does stretch between Florida,Puerto Rico and Bermuda.

Another fact that they state is that,those areas are subject to are unexpected weather and  freak storms that that can dissipate quickly causing navigational problems also it is said that the Bermuda Triangle is one of the two places on earth that the compass points to true north instead of magnetic north taking them far off course.


According to they say the disappearances of ships are due to UFO or Alien activity also it is claimed that when ever planes or aircraft’s disappear the reason for no debris is due to the Gulf Stream that washes away debris. Due to these disappearances in the last century 1000 lives have been lost.


Overall I do not believe that the Bermuda Triangle is real.As a result I think it is a myth to scare people into not wanting to go to Bermuda.

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  1. Jayden, I enjoyed reading your blog post and listening to your podcast about the Bermuda Triangle. It was well structured and it was good to see that you referenced your sources. You do need to check your work a little bit more thoroughly as there were still some grammatical errors but overall you should be pleased with your work and it was clear that you understand the main objective to cross-reference information you find on the Internet. BLOB

    • Jayden,

      Very good and clear on the Podcast. Excellent descriptions towards the Bermuda Triangle. I like how you located where it is and refereed to the source. It looks like you understood the Bermuda Triangle very clearly.

  2. Jayden, the podcast is very clear and understandable. Very well set out!

  3. Jaded good podcast with writing you have included some great use of language but try to proof read your work more often as when reading it through i found that you said something that didn’t quite make sense this sentence was.And fall the plane falls into the sea.

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