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The Loch Ness by Redd A.L.


In this particular broad cast I will be talking about the Loch Ness Monster weather it is real or just made up. The first sightings of this unusual creature was in 565AD. It was said that Saint Colombia was on a visit to the lake, then he saw another man being attacked by this beast he then put the  christian cross and saying the name of god in front of the creature and commanding it to “go back with all speed” and at this moment the creature stopped attacking the  man and never came to kill another man again.

Arguments For

According to the livescience website they said that Nessie was last seen in 1933, after it was published in a”The Inverse Courier,” a local newspaper, which was describing not a monsterous head of lump, which they described as ” two duck fighting”. A London surgeon named Kenneth Wilson took a picture which showed something with a long head and neck this is said to be the best evidence of the Loch Ness monster since. According to the “this day in history : may 02” website it says that in 1933 may 2nd another couple said to have seen the beats on land, crossing the shore road.


Arguments against

According to the BBC they have used 600 separate sonar beams and also satellite navigation technology to make sure that none of the loch was missed out. The team checked the lakes but they had found no sign or trace of  the Loch Ness monster. They think the previous sightings of the beast might be a plesiosaur which is a reptile which died out with the dinosaurs.


With all this research  i still don’t  believe in the Loch ness because there are still not enough evidence to prove that Nessie doesn’t exist. The websites that says the Loch Ness is real they might have actually been made up.So what do you think? Is the Loch Ness monster real,or was it all just a made up legend that started in 565AD ?


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  1. Well done Redd,

    But maybe next time speak a bit more slowly when your recording the audio boom. and maybe look up lots of other websites to refer to believing in the loch ness monster.

    Good looking up information and where and when the loch ness monster was found.


  2. Redd,

    You described the arguments very well but you need to speak up and in the introduction you said ‘in 565AD ‘ which we are unsure because it was so long ago .
    It was very good when you used quotes and asked a question at the end.

  3. Fantastic
    WWW:You have got enough details for both arguments for and arguments against.
    EBI: It looks like you are talking from a long distance.

  4. Really good proadcast, but next time mabey speak a little but it was really good!

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