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1947 Roswell UFO incident, True or Not ?


On 7th July 1947, in the deserts outside Roswell New Mexico occurred an incident. Many people have heard of the Roswell UFO crash but very few know the details of the incident.

ARGUMENTS FOR: From my research i have found out, according to on 7 July 1947 there has been discovered as, “a wreckage of a flying saucer from a ranch in the area.” It was discovered that the wreckage has flown from New Mexico onto higher headquarters. On July 9 that year it was revealed that the wreckage was found on the J.B. Foster Ranch. In the following days every witness to the crash was either transferred or seemed to have disappeared.


Every sight that i have researched has said that it does exist but however there isn’t 100% proof that it did happen.  A lot of the sights were blocked at school so i couldn’t look on a few of them.


In conclusion after reading a lot of websites i think Roswell 1947 exists because i believe that there was an incident in New Mexico of a flying UFO which wrecked the city.

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  1. Joseph, you managed to find some interesting information about Roswell and complete an enjoyable podcast. However, you could have been much more economical with the time you spent researching, as the final output was not as in depth as I would have liked. You did find some useful sources but should focus on cross-referencing your information, to ensure the reliability of your conclusion.

    • Good work Pedro you have got some good points for and against your argument. Next time try and go some where a little bit quieter.

  2. Pedro,

    It was very good that you included a quote from the site. In the Argument For you do not need to put the .com at the end of the website.

  3. WWW: Pedro, you explained clearly about the Roswell UFO incident and the arguments for and against.

    EBI: Next time don’t be afraid to speak out or say it with confidence.

  4. Pedro,

    I think you should check your punctuation especially the i`s. Maybe next time you should stop moving in the podcast because then it goes a fuzzy sound and write your perspective and make it a lot longer in the conclusion. Very good at explaining where/when information about the UFO.

    Overall, very good

    Good referring to arguments for and against.

    Well done!

  5. A good podcast Pedro but you need to have more information for the against side so people can have a deeper view into this UFO

  6. Good podcast, but your conclusion is based on one thing. You need to wrap it all up by comparing all the websites you have found once you get to it. Overall this is a very good piece of work and I hope you are proud of it.

  7. Very Good and clear Podcast!

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