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Did Robin Hood really exist?


Legend has it that Robin Hood was a outlaw living in Sherwood Forest with his ‘Merry Men’. He was also have said to rob the poor and give to the rich. There are several versions of the Robin Hood story.

Arguments For

According to, Ben Johnson said that the first known literary reference to Robin Hood and his men was in 1377.  The British Museum also have an account of Robin’s life which states that he was born around 1160 in Lockersley (most likely modern day Loxley) in South Yorkshire. Another chronicler has said that he was a Wakerfield man and took part in Thomas of Lancaster’s rebellion in 1322. One well known story about Robin that places him in Whitby Yorkshire, is about him and Little John having a friendly archery contest. Both men were skilled at archery and from the roof of the Monastery they both shot an arrow. The arrows fell at Whitby Lathes, more than a mile away. Afterwards the fields where the arrows landed were known as Robin Hood’s Close and Little John’s Close. Robin became a well known hero because of giving to the poor and downtrodden peasants.

Arguments Against

According to BBC NEWS CHANNEL, Professor Stephen Knight has been researching for 20 years of his life about Robin Hood in order to find this information. He has gathered a whole library of books, videos and lectures on two university courses on the noble outlaw. He says the “Hood “myth” is reinvented when people feel they are being oppressed by their own version of the Sheriff of Nottingham.” And thinks that Robin Hood is not real.


i think that Robin Hood does not exist, because the site BBC NEWS CHANNEL is the most reliable as i have trusted BBC NEWS before, and have never used the site But on the other hand BBC NEWS says the man, Stephen Knights has based his research on videos and some of the time some videos are not reliable ,but he has also based his information on books and lectures .So he has used different sources to complete his task which i personally think is correct.

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unicorn shooter by Izzy G

A History of Dolphinier

Dolphinier is a pretty island. It is surrounded by a giant ocean called the Pacific. The ocean has lots of dangerous creatures, such as electric eels. Captain Parker, the king of Dolphinier, has two girls, one boy, one horse, two dogs and one beautiful wife called Mrs Parker. Captain Parker was also a captain of a group of pirates called the ‘Purple-Hand Gang’. They sailed the seven seas. They fought a fearful battle against fighters from another country called The Atalunians in 2005. The Purple-Hand Gang were totally outnumbered by the other fighters. Nevertheless they won the battle because they had stronger armour, better fighters, and more powerful weapons. They celebrate this victory every year at a party, which lasts for one week.

Dophinier trades goods with Brazil, such as tiles, firewood, bricks and gold every so often. It is a rich country. The people have enough food (due to lots of farmers), homes to live in (nobody lives on the streets), and mostly travel by boat within the island (a bit like Venice). The language of Dolphinier is English. Every week on Friday at 1pm people on the island go to the castle for a thanks-giving service. They worship Black-beard – a pirate who died while saving Dophinier when three countries tried to take it over.

The island is full of green plants and trees. The most common plant is the green-leaved ivy tree. It is very peculiar tree because it grows pears and apples at the same time.

They have a majestic, golden, shiny, giant bell at the top of the stony, olden, castle. They use this bell to warn other kingdoms that other countries are invading the island.