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Do you believe in God? By Kat


Does God exist? This is probably the most debated question ever and there are people on both sides of the argument who strongly believes that they are right. Those who believe in God`s existence through the evidence presented in the bible and those who do not are not particularly right  because of lack of material or scientific evidence.

Arguments For- According to the Spiritualist Philosophy website, the argument for believing in God is to explain how otherwise the creation of man could have taken place. They suggest that science alone cannot prove the creation of earth, mankind and humanity and that there must be a greater power at work.  The site also argues that events are not random and down to chance and luck, but happen due to the will of God.  So, in the world of the Spiritualist website , God must indeed exist since he is responsible for the world in which we exist today and the essence of the human spirit.

Also  joining the case for the existence of God  is the Johovah’s Witness websiteThis website claims that those who believe in the existence of God experience a ‘personal calling’ and that his message to him is a very direct one. It is then their duty to’spread the message’ of God to others and to try and persuade people to be nicer to each other.  They also claim, as with the Spiritualist movement, that the teachings of the bible are sufficient evidence in the existence of God

Arguments Against – Those who argue against the existence of God are called atheists . One organisation, called, argue that God cannot exist, simply because there is no scientific evidence. The scientific case is that the ‘big bang’ created the earth and then man evolved out of the seas as creatures. Over the years, man evolved and for atheists, this is sufficient evidence against the existence of God.

And Sitting on the Fence – Those who have not made up their minds yet are called agnostics. There are a variety of websites for agnostics, including who regularly meet up to consider whether there is sufficient evidence to prove that God exists. They are not saying  that God does not exist, as do the atheists, but are keeping an open mind – just in case.

Finally – Overall,  I do not believe in God strongly, but I haven’t made my mind up yet so I am called an Agnostic. I do not totally believe in God because there is not enough proof or evidence except from the Bible. I have researched and heard that a few people have seen or heard  God communicating to them.  Unfortunately no one will know if they are right or wrong it is just a belief.

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Digital Safety By Katriona C & Isabella Reflections By Katriona

We have been doing for the past is a website to improve your computer skills.I am on course two on, because I finished course 1 and I think I am good at repeats and I was not so good at functions.Sometimes I forget how to do functions I eventually got the hang of functions. I felt that I did well at my right and left and I thought I was good at my degrees. I think sometimes I do forget to use how many blocks I should use. I enjoyed the course, because some of them were challenged and hard and some of them were easy.I also enjoyed how you do not have any lives or have to start from the beginning again. I have learnt a lot of things that I had not known before. I have learnt how to debug, however it is hard to understand at first.

A letter in a bottle-Katriona y4

Dear Philippines,

I am so sorry for you I wish I could be there to help you.  The people that are in the hospital that were hit by objects and  I hope you get better. I heard on the radio that lots of people in Philippines are ill because they got hit by debris so we should post medicine and plasters. Do you know that the speed of the typhoon was 100 miles an hour? I will try and do what ever I can. A typhoon is more dangrous then a tornado. So  we’ll try and post help to you. Stay strong!

Remembrance, Katriona – Y4

The people who died in the war were great people . So you should be grateful for them.  I wish I could help . So try and remember them .   The people have died because other people have come to fight us. Poppies make me think of all the blood of the soldiers. So I feel sorry for them so you should to, and most of you could be prisoners. It is poppies because the men stepped on them during the war and poppies grow when people  step on them.  So hope you go to the grave and give them a poppy.