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Is the Bermuda Triangle real? by Mirren B


Scientists have a rough idea what the Bermuda triangle is but we don’t know a lot about it. For example we don’t know where people go after going in it and we don’t know what causes the Bermuda Triangle or the magnetic interruption that causes planes to lose control. So I am going to explain how the Bermuda Triangle myth originates from and can be understood today. Some scientists have an idea that the Bermuda Triangle is just some meteors that crashed into the sea and that could be what causes the magnetic interruption.

Argument For:

According to the there have been a lot of things happening around the Bermuda Triangle and strange vanishings.  Lots of people have disappeared or lost there lives to The Bermuda Triangle. A man  called Christoper Columbus sails through the area of the Bermuda Triangle on his first voyage to the New World a couple of weeks after he crashes he sees a bright light at where the Bermuda Triangle is which is mysterious. And sometimes the ships, boats and planes have disappeared in perfectly good weather.


Arguments Against:

The ships could  just have sunk coincidentally and the thing that Christopher Columbus might have just seen another boat and the boat might have been carrying some kind of metal that interferes with magnetic force.


Conclusion :

So we have come to a conclusion and that is that The Bermuda Triangle is definitely real because what are the chances that loads of ships, boats and planes go missing all around the same area in perfectly good weather. So the only conclusion is that the Bermuda Triangle is real.

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