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Something in the lake…


The Loch Ness monster is one of the most well known legends in the world. First sightings were mentioned from around 1500 years ago, but since the first sighting to be formally recorded in 1933, the world has been crazy about the monster in the Scottish loch. Countless sightings have been claimed but are all of them legitimate?

Loch Ness is huge. It measure 800 feet deep and 23 miles long – definitely big enough for such a creature to live in.

Of course there are many people who claim to have seen the monster.

People have produced photographs; purporting large dark shapes to be the monster.

Over the years, various groups of people have scanned Loch Ness  and found things that may have been a monster.


Results of the various scans could easily have been large boulders transported from the rives connected to  Loch Ness or a swarm of fish being chased by a predator.

People make claims for fame and attention.

The BBC used well known scientific experts and systems to to their own scan and found nothing.

The BBC also did a live experiment and created a hypothesis that ‘People see what they want to see’. They raised a pole from the water as people went by and then asked people to draw what they saw. Many drew a monster shaped head!

The problem with puzzles like this is how to tell the whether anyone has really seen a monster at all!


My conclusion is that the Loch Ness monster is not real. This is because the evidence against it existing comes from more credible and reliable sources.

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bird massacre: parrots


In the last three months we have been working on a website called is a website that introduces people to computer coding. By attaching blocks to the “when run” block, we could make the characters on the screen do what we tell it to do, such as draw things, kill pigs or even do gardening! Algorithms are lines of instructions for a computer. Later in the course we used functions. These are code lines that don’t have to be attached to the when run block. Once you have made the function, you go into my blocks and choose the function block you made and attach it to the when run block and it will do whatever is in the function. I found the farmer in particularly hard because you either had to remove a pile or fill in a hole, and I usually got confused. I also found functions a bit hard because they needed to be perfect for the block to work. The artist was my favorite type of coding theme because you mostly ended up with a beautiful drawing. I found it quite easy at the beginning, but it got harder and harder throughout the course and got easier towards the end. was a fun and exciting experience of coding for me and I enjoyed it very much.

A Guide to Chiltobia

I used a cool program called Flipsnack to create this book. It is a guide to my virtual country, Chiltobia. I think I did well on explaining my country but not so well on explaining places to recommend going. I could improve that.

The Diamond Dragon

Once upon a time, an old sailor was floating upon the shimmering sea. He was in a miniature boat and was wearing a stripy vest and torn shorts. As he came to a island called ‘The Doom Canyon Isles’ . He got of his small boat and made his way to a little cave. He unpacked his luggage and made a bed. It was made of soft straw and the blanket was made of lion fur. The next day he saw a canyon. Suddenly, a gleaming dragon shot out of the canyon and blasted the sailor with a diamond; he fell to the floor.

Xavier – 100wc

As I made my way to the ditch I jumped over every day I saw a pair of boots sticking out of the mud there had been a storm last night and the ditch was full with mud.

I had often seen my  cousin wearing those boots. They had come to stay, was it her? Or  was it someone else, I do not know. I always wondered who it actually was, the person in the mud it always remained a mystery, the person in the mud, but I never ever knew! So that was a lesson to me!