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Adetola’s Parrot Shooter

Adetola & Esther’s Cyber App Reflections is not as easy as you think. It tests your knowledge in Computer Science. There are two ways how to do coding:

  • Do it in blocks
  • Use JavaScript

I think that this was one of my favorite topics. There is debugging, where if you have something wrong in your code, it doesn’t work, it is called a bug. You have to debug it if you want it to work. Loops make the code repeat itself. As I moved on I learnt functions. Functions are very easy when it’s explained to you. It’s like putting a whole paragraph of code into one block. There is counter too. It make the project repeat itself while changing the code pattern slightly.

Overall I think that it was fun, and I always enjoy a challenge.Functions.fw


Magical Island By Adetola

I think I did a very good job, although maybe I added to much colour!  And I think I forgot to add the title history (oops!) ! But overall, I think that people will enjoy this fine peace of art. Also I think that the others are beautiful as well as mine. No one’s art are better than another’s though, as we all added the same effort to it perfect. So a job well done to everyone!

The Home Of The Crystal Foxes – Adetola

The Zoo That Tried To Escape – by Adetola

Adetola’s 100wc and then the noise stopped…

We were in the woods when a roar came from a few places from where we were standing. We were all scared, but my friend Dayna was brave and walked towards the awful noise. Suddenly a scream came from Dayna. Their was struggling, whimpering and growling, then a local bully came and walked in, thinking we were pranking him. Then another roar was heard, and a furry hand grabbed him and pulled into the darkness. He hit it with all he got. But it was too strong for him to handle.  He wailed and whimpered. We all watched, frightened, and then the noise stopped…

Dear Philippine Children

Dear Philippine Children,

I have heard what has been happening and want to help, I always wanted to do something amazing so I won’t be at the “bottom of the class”. I want to help a lot so you will always know. Other people will not help you, because they don’t care. They only worry about their money, how much they’ve got. They would never give any of their money away, but I’ve got $71

And I will use to help you so you can be happy.



PS: you are special, all of you, be good everyone.

Remembering, Adetola – y4

I was walking in the field of poppies I go to every day. But this time I was going to do something different. I was going to school, when suddenly I had a headache. It was a very bad one I had to go home. As I did the chores, I soon wanted to go to the beautiful poppy field. I tried to do the chores as well and fast as possible. I managed to finish, and since my headache was gone I could run.  I got there grabbed a poppy [which I’ve never done before]; remembering the soldiers.