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DIGITAL SAFETY APP reflections by Alexander

This has been a extremely fun and exciting project to work on.

I have put lots of hard work in and it has certainly paid of.

Firstly we went onto many website like the has lots of great information and is really easy to learn from. There are also many bbc games to learn about internet safety.

We firstly put all of the information on to a word document.

Then we started another word page and started to make a plan using arrows to show which ones would link-up to what.

Then we moved on to the design (which was also on word) it was easy to copy a box and put information on them.

Then we made the back buttons by putting a box over our main box and the typed on it.

We started to then learn how to use ‘one drive’ so we can send it to our fantastic teacher mr.j so he could print it of for us.

Once we had the paper copy we went onto pop on the ipads and took photos of our work and then put them together with link to’ buttons. Image result for pop appThen after organising it all. It finally looks great .

Hope you enjoy!


Digital safety app by Alexander

Ringmonia Guide

This is a breaf guide to a small island called Ringmonia we worked on loads of different word software and it was really hard getting it there but I enjoyed it allot and I am very pleased with my work I hope you enjoy.

Ringmonia History

The vast land of Ringmonia was found by a young man called  Aldrio Calson in (1763). He found vast amounts of gold and  he became the richest man in the world .

In (1784) a huge city was built it was called Gondorath, you could not match its tall towers of white pearls which were beautiful. Then he got bored of the island and went looking for more places to set up camp .

He found two smaller countries called Ramazoo and Xanderlakcs , he then sent his best friend Biffoe to own and rule this island!

They then traded pearl and gold for silver and emeralds and rubies.Then a war broke out, the Gondorians were raged (1805) the Rohans were stealing their golden jewels then they stole the great gold teaspoon of the great Louis Caneras Jeneras the third. This created the battle of the teaspoon. 500 million died and 6000 injured  and 5010 survived.Then there was peace (1963).

Then nothing happened until the volcano erupted demolishing the palace. Then desolation of Mount Crumpet was made.

In 1999, the great founder of Ringmonia King Aldrio died! Then  they elected a new King, Steve Moroon he was crowned in (2004) they then built a new city called Demonta it took them 5 years in total.It then had millions of citizens and it is now famous for its long beaches.