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Moonlanding Myth (real or fake)


In year 7 we have spent some time looking at myths and my myth is the moon landing.The Moonlanding is a massive moment in human history or as Neil Armstrong put it   ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind’.  But did it actually happen? I am going to look through the arguments and evidence and see whether apollo 12 is real or fake.

Arguments against:

If you look at many of the photographs that the astronauts took of space the thing that you would notice is why are there no stars in the images. This has sparked many conspiracy theories about why it is fake.

Then there is the U S A  flag .Many conspiracy theorists have studied the footage and have spotted that the flag moves as if it has been blown by wind but there is no wind on the moon so this must mean that they are actually on earth. shows 8 reasons why the moonlandings were fake. It says that there are different shadows point in different directions. How could there be more than one light source?

Arguments for:

If you go back to the missing stars, NVIDIA  ( they are the people who created the special space cameras)have come out and said that the light off the sun reflected of the moon meant that it was made impossible for the cameras to see the stars. They have also said that the Flag moved because of the force that Neil Armstrong was using to put it into the ground.

Also Nasa has spent billions and billions of Dollars on equipment and simulation devices which you can go and see if you go there. Do you think that they would have spent that amount money on all of that if it was a hoax.

Conclusion :

The points both sides put forward great arguments but I believe that the arguments for the Moonlanding are a lot more convincing. Of course there are many other points and we have only really scratched the surface but we have looked at some of the biggest points. Also there were so many employees for the moon landings that if it was all a hoax then surely one of the millions of people working on this project would have surely let something slip?

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