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Digital safety app by Zara and Anna

Me and Anna enjoyed this topic. Although we had to come in at break time to finish it.


A History of Strumland

One day there was a big ship-wreck and only two people survived;  a girl called Tina and her older brother Sam. They found a lonely island and Tina wanted to named the island Strumland . After a while a group of people called the Strummers came and said it was there Island and then there was war. Strumland was torn to pieces but then Tina said she would make Strumland a powerful country again so in two years time Strumland was as good as new and everything was calm and peaceful. However, Sam then decided that he should rule Strumland and then there was a big fight in 2010 but then Tina said Strumland should be a peaceful place. In 2013, Tina broke her leg and she could not walk for two days!  

In 2014 Strumland had a flood because on an other island there was a big river being filled with water; Tina and Sam were upset. They started to make clothes and food. They sold islands near by and even today they still make and sell the things that they made . Tina and Sam never fought again and they are currently very happy.