Macktonia was found in a war when a tribe tried to go back to their Island and they went the wrong way and found Macktonia. It was found in 1990 on July the 4th. The two kings’s were named as King Malabo the second and King Karl the first. The first town was called  Chelsea because every one loved the football team. The two kings, when they were small, lived in Rochester and caused a lot of trouble.

The kings were elected because they were the two richest and the smartest on the island. They put lots of beaches all around the island so they could relax a lot. In the year 2000 King Joseph, the leader of Rochester, had a war with Macktonia because they wanted the two kings to get more power. Macktonia won but lost millions of people and sadly King Joseph died.

After the war, the tribe kept the two kings safe and sacred so they didn’t have any more wars and could remain peaceful.