We have been on a website called code.org for the last three months and what i did to complete the whole course of  code.org.com. I did is you have  to use a certain amount of code blocks like functions and what functions do is they  have code (instructions) and then you can put in draw a house and it will follow the  instructions to draw a house .We also had this stage of  a farmer who had  to remove all the piles of dirt and fill piles of dirt.Their was a level when i had to remove 24 pieces of dirt  and you had to remove four whole stacks of dirt.their was also a stage when you were an artist and you would have to draw a certain shape to complete the task. On most of the stages i had to use a repeat block but their was a block called remove pile or else fill.the hardest level i did was stage 15 task number 8 because we had to debug some of a function and add our own but debugging is when you  have to take out some blocks and replace those blocks that don`t need to be  used with blocks that are useful.The first stage was really easy because all we had to do is tell red (the angry bird) to try and get the bird to the pig to revenge him because he stole reds eggs.