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POP App By Dave And Tom

I liked using the IPad’s and using POP. Also I liked the feeling of making my own app that you could use on an IPAD.



A Reflection on Code.Org By David Matthews was a very challenging project,because you could use barely any blocks. Some levels you could draw what ever you want these are the best.My favorite level is artist 5 #6 because it is a tree in really good detail.

There are different types of challenges for instance artist,maze and farmer.Some levels are really simple and others would take two or three lessons.

Algorithms is another word for instructions. A  computer algorithm is a set  of instructions in the computer’s language.

There are things called functions,functions are things were if you can create it and inside you put blocks and when you press the functions section it will come up with what you  put in the function then sometimes for instance  draw a house you can choose the size .

I think i did really well on the maze because i did it in two lessons and i found it simple sometimes.Loops.fwFunction pic.fw

A Letter To The Philippines,

I feel really sorry for you that you’ve been through a terrible Typhoon. Also I feel  sorry that you have barely any money and your homes are destroyed because of the disastrous storm that hit the Philippines .So I think  everyone should give money to your country, so you can have fresh water and nice food to eat, because  some people in England who have lots of money and other people are in the middle but some are homeless. I feel sorry for you. So if I was you I would believe in yourself and go through your hunger .

David’s Top Trumps

Dave's Dragon Cards by mr_john_jones