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A monstrous myth blown out the water!!!


This text is based on the myth of the Loch ness monster. The myth originated in the second biggest Loch in the UK, Loch ness in Scotland. The myth was first heard in a catholic story about St Columbia proving God is more powerful than even a ruthless beast. It is said that he sent a man into the water when a creature came at him. Just before the creature reached him, St Columbia drew a cross in the air and sent the monster back into the middle of the lake! The myth is supposed to happen in the loch itself, earning the monsters name the Loch Ness monster.

Argument against.

During my research I found much evidence to prove that the myth of the Loch Ness is just a trick. One of the sights I found showed a headline; stating the most famous picture of the Loch ness monster had bean claimed to be a hoax. The most famous picture of Nessie turned out to be a piece of wood and plastic.

Another website claimed that the wooden Nessie (made for the Sherlock homes movie 1969) that sunk has been found. This could be the cause of the most recent sightings, but this does not explain the sightings before 1969.

A recent picture that looks like a snake-like creature diving into the water, has been zoomed in on and seems to have a strong likeness to a pod of seals!

Argument for.

This part of the review is hard because the only evidence we have are sightings and pictures that could be a joke, but joke or not i will tell you any evidence I have found. while researching Nessie  I discovered  that there is a man who claimed to see him or her in 1871. At first I assumed that the sight was fake but researched the mans name. It was D Mackenzie and this name appeared on many other sites; all saying he saw the Loch Ness monster and saying the same story over and over again.

I have found many sightings dating back over a fair amount of time, my question is there are so many sightings all off witch seem to me similar, both in looks and what she/he did were all along the same lines with only a handful of people saying she/he looked different.


My conclusion is that the evidence against is much stronger than the evidence for, so the obvious answer is that Nessie is a myth or a animal mistaken to me him or her. We will never know truth until Nessie is found. But even with the overwhelming evidence that she or he is fake I want to believe still, this is probably why nessie is still a legend going round because someone wants to believe in this fascinating creature.

Thank you for reading my review this is Gypsy signing out!

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