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butterfly shooter by ife

Digital Safety App by Ife

Reflection and brochure of Hogwarts

I have really enjoyed the virtual country project because it was really fun and good. My favorite part was when you got to make a newspaper and you got to make a flag and map in paint.

History of Hogwarts

On the 15th of August, 1983 a man called Albus Dumbledore crashed his boat on a island called Hogwarts, in 1984 a person named Robin Chaos swam onto shore, so Albus Dumbledore decided to make a city named ‘Herobrine City’ then in 1985, 30 boatloads of people came and lived on Hogwarts.

In 1990 Dumbledore sadly died, therefore the first resident took over and became King Chaos VIII. In 1996,  the fiends known as the cyberbullies attacked Hogwarts and 15% of people were killed. in 1999, the cyber bullies lost and the war was called the ‘War of Pigs’. Finally, in 2005 the first school was built and is named Wand Athletic.

Remembering – Ife, y4

I remember the brave soldiers who gave up there lives, remembrance Sunday is a sad day but the sad part is we start remembering the brave soldiers who gave up there lives to save their family, to save people, to save Britain. Let’s hope that their job was enough to keep us safe, and lets pray to God to keep us safe and to let there be no more wars. But when I think about the soldiers, I think I am very sad that they died and I bet your family was sad but your loved ones also were proud.