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App By Joe Watmough and Joseph Mashi

This topic was very fun. Mr Jones is a very good ict teacher and has helped us with our app.

We went onto cyber cafe and wrote down information about internet safety  then we put it on a draft in word and printing it off. After that we went on pop on the i pads and took photos of the slides we printed off. We then put it on the computer and put it on the blog.

Cortland’s history!


Cortland was discovered by Queen Elaine in 1999, Queen Elaine was doing a race around the world and there was a huge storm so she had to find a place to stay, she saw an island and sailed into the shore.

When she got there she found footprints and followed them and she got to a tribe village.

The tribes spoke a language that was very dodgy!

In 2003 Queen Elaine went back to England and told people to come with her if they want to live there.

When they got there they made city’s called Cortvale (The capital) , colon and marsep!

The country was made by a underwater volcano that erupted in 1983  and formed volcanic rocks that created a rocky island and in 1993 it turned into an actual island.

There were quite a few animals that lived there, there was:

Wolves, Pigs, Cows, Rabbits,  sheep, monkeys,Wild Boars and Foxes.

In 2006 the island formed a mountain called alapouse and it was open for skiing in 2007!

in 2008 they found that the volcano that created the island is still active so they were worried, after a while the volcano had become extinct and everyone moved back to live there!

In 2009 a president called sir Nigel became ruler of the country, in 2009 a couple days after the president became ruler a huge oil spill happened. It took until 2010 to be cleaned up.

The country now produces pure carrots and chocolate!

Today things are doing quite well!

Joe -100 word challenge


 One day I was walking in the park with my friends and I saw a little boy crying in a river wearing two wellington boots I was so surprised I called mum and she screamed and shouted help.

Then my dad came over and and pulled him out but it was too tough so we needed MORE.

We called my friend Davy over. We tried again and it did not work. THEN WE CALLED MAX we tried again and it worked it was my friend Monty I said are you all right he said yes.