Year 8 - Computing

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App By Joe Watmough and Joseph Mashi

This topic was very fun. Mr Jones is a very good ict teacher and has helped us with our app.

We went onto cyber cafe and wrote down information about internet safety  then we put it on a draft in word and printing it off. After that we went on pop on the i pads and took photos of the slides we printed off. We then put it on the computer and put it on the blog.

Planeotopia`s History!

Planeotopia was discovered in 1982 by a pilot named Maximus Broule whose plane crashed into the sea at 12:00 at night.Finally, after swimming 80 miles he got to a small island and went to search for food and shelter for a week. After that week he found a cave but apparently wolves and bison lived there but he was not scared because he had killed a wolf in army training. Then in September  he tried to contact the royal navy but there was no phone service so he couldn’t contact the royal navy.

In 2000 Maximus died and then king Miley Cyrus became King. He became friends with the wolves and is still King today. For the following years roads and famous statues and towns the most famous town is Christiano Ronaldo.

Now it has a nice capital called Wolfrock and has a museum and has a lot of big houses.