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Is the Earth actually spherical? (AudioBoom Podcast)

Introduction –

Is the Earth really spherical? Today I’ll be looking at arguments for and against whether the earth is actually flat or indeed a sphere as the majority of us think it is. However, there are a few people that think otherwise such as Flat Earthists.

Arguments for –

If the earth is flat, how come when you stand higher than when you stand lower you can see further? Surely, this is because of the curvature of the Earth? Also, if the moon was flat,  wouldn’t we always see a full moon? The moon phases because we orbit the sun, and we see different angles of the moon. But if the Earth was flat why would this be the case? Both these ideas could support the belief that the Earth is not flat. Moreover, if the Earth was flat then when you sit on the beach and watch a ship go further and further it would stay level. However, if you actually watch, you’ll see the boat disappear as if it was about to sink. Finally, according to the Flat Earth Society, they believe that although the earth is flat, the sun and moon move overhead. However, if this was true, how come there is a variation of climates between different countries across the plane? If the sun was overhead all countries would get the same night and day, which leads on to the argument of whether there is time zones, and how can we explain that it’s hotter in other countries than it is in England for example.

Arguments Against –

According to the Earth Flat Society, one of the most extreme and reliable claims explaining why the earth is not spherical is that all space images are fake and that the International Space Station’s Videos are all shot in a Zero-G plane. Similarly, the Flat Earth Society  say that there is a glass dome around our earth and no one has ever got into space, as the air is a glass dome. However, most of us know that many rockets and exploitation science trips to space have been successful, but could these have been faked?

Conclusion –

I believe that the earth is in-fact spherical. For example, people say that our atmosphere is covered by a glass dome however there are many possible counter arguments for this, for example how did the Falcon 9 rocket carry a satellite payload into orbit? Also, if you ever watch a rocket launch, you’d find that they don’t come crashing down because they’ve hit the glass dome at the top of our atmosphere. Also, all of the evidence for the flat earth theory has come from the Flat Earth Society, who are hardly unlikely to object to their own argument


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Penguin Shooter By Max

POP-Digital Safety App by Max and Monty

MAX- This term we have been making interactive Digital Safety apps with the POP app. My app has worked out very well and I am very please with it. I have enjoyed this project very much and hope to be doing more projects like this. In this project we made the boxes full of text and well decorated. then I printed the boxes and took photos of the boxes to make the app. Via the App you link up the boxes and then your app is finished.

MONTY- ​I very much enjoyed making a POP-App. The digital safety is useful to me and other people. Turning digital safety into an app was fun and interesting. I think that the app worked well and all of the boxes have enough detail in them. I would like to do more fun projects like creating a POP-App.

Code.Org Reflection by Max

This term we have been learning to code using a website called Code.Org, this is a computer science website which gives us the concepts of variables, loops and functions. On this website we started a course called ‘Intro to computer Science Course’. This course started easy and gradually got harder. We learnt about how a repeat block works, functions, loops etc.

A loop block can either be a counter with counter or a repeat. This blocks work like a train circuit, they keep on doing what you tell them in a certain amount of times according to the amount you put in. A counter of counter is a block that goes from (E.G  60 pixels down to 30 pixels) but the counter loop lets you go down however you want. So if you want 3 squares but they are all 10 pixels less than each other you can use the counter.


A function block is a block that lets you put blocks inside your code but it is not attached to the main ‘When Run’ code. All the blocks inside the function all lead to one block. This block is a block that goes in the ‘When Run’ code and when it is in action it does everything belonging to the function.

I thought I did well at the functions section because I think I grasped the concept of functions very well, leading to getting through them quickly and doing most of them on a first try. I also thought I did artist well in artist because I understood the use of parameters and the ‘jump’,’forward’ and ‘backward’ blocks as well as the ‘turn Left and right by however degrees’.

I enjoyed the course because it was fun to learn a new skill and also have fun by experimenting different types of code, like the artist or zombie.


Zombie Artist.fw

My Virtual Guide to the Isle of Polythiz

This project has been good fun especially changing documents to PDFs. The hardest part of the project was creating the book as you have to go through lots of pages and make every page in tip-top condition. The easiest part of the project was doing the charts to put in the guide. If i was to do this project again I could do some of the flags and maps on Photoshop.

Exterminator 3

Fake Movie Posters
Fake Movie Posters

The History of The Isle of Polythiz

The Isle of Square was found by a man named Sir Mcfish in 700Ad. The isle was found by Sir Mcfish when he was sailing across the Atlantic from England trying to get to America. Unfortunately he got held up in a storm so he took a new route and eventually he found this island and named it: The Island of Polythiz. After about a month, the island was called the Isle of Polythiz instead of Island of Polythiz. Then after a couple of months, the population started to grow. Now the population in 2014 is 1,201.

After it was discovered the population was over 500 and was starting to build brick houses instead of mud huts. The financial side of things started and began to start construction on a ‘business town’ otherwise known as the financial district.  Then they started nominating a captain for the city and a king and queen. However in this country they tried not to get so involved in the wars or fights against other nations.

In 1000, the country had a huge volcanic eruption. The eruption was in one of  the mountain ranges and burnt all the snow of all the mountains for a whole year! The Isle did have a nuclear accident in the nuclear power plant in north Polythiz in the 1600. The accident began in one of the science labs inside the nuclear plant where some scientist where doing a test with radioactivity which went badly wrong.

Polythiz has sold lots of items since it was established in 700Ad. The exports its given out help the government pay out the brick houses and  any other establishments. These items exported were precious silks and other fabrics and steel and diamond which was found underground in the 1200. The more modern exports are black smith tools made with the iron found in the same place as the steel was found in the 1200. Tablets and phones are currently being made in polythiz and more factores are being used in the industry district for phone and tablets than any other item.


Musomic 100wc, Max

As they fled the house, the couple were getting increasingly worried. They saw a fork of thunder gathering pace, hurtling towards them. The monster has risen, thought both of the people….  The  monster was a real beast, a body so strong, his fur bursting out of his torn clothes. It’s monstrous head; one hypnotic eye and one dead, patched up and bleeding eye, it would put you under its control the second you looked at him. The beast also had a hunched-back.  Most people were scared of him, creatures to, even monsters the size of skyscrapers were terrified of the vicious beast.

Letter To The Philippines – Max

Dear All Philippines Children

Keep going like a soldier but be sad like a cloud. Anyway get out in the outdoors, and remember be cool like superman but normal like your dad, but get outdoors discover the world, but don’t let your self down because everyday someone will be looking out for you, behind you. So be brave like a soldier and be angry like a tree but be happy like a keep going and believe, and carry on in life but remember that someone is always going to be behind you, and always be scary like a tiger, kind like a flower but mostly,  keep going…….

Remembering – by Max y4

Remembering reminds me of the past, the wonderful past; the one where things come to life. The past is a  world all on its own, so welcome to our world, a would full of happy old football games from 23 years ago, or unicorns and little boys dreams. In this world anything can happen but remembering is what comes first.  Imagine some people may remember in 1966 when England won the world cup!  Or maybe vampires were in town, and monsters were on the loose, but what happens to you is what counts. Remember this is your world, the world of remembering.

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