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Is the Earth actually spherical? (AudioBoom Podcast)

Introduction –

Is the Earth really spherical? Today I’ll be looking at arguments for and against whether the earth is actually flat or indeed a sphere as the majority of us think it is. However, there are a few people that think otherwise such as Flat Earthists.

Arguments for –

If the earth is flat, how come when you stand higher than when you stand lower you can see further? Surely, this is because of the curvature of the Earth? Also, if the moon was flat,  wouldn’t we always see a full moon? The moon phases because we orbit the sun, and we see different angles of the moon. But if the Earth was flat why would this be the case? Both these ideas could support the belief that the Earth is not flat. Moreover, if the Earth was flat then when you sit on the beach and watch a ship go further and further it would stay level. However, if you actually watch, you’ll see the boat disappear as if it was about to sink. Finally, according to the Flat Earth Society, they believe that although the earth is flat, the sun and moon move overhead. However, if this was true, how come there is a variation of climates between different countries across the plane? If the sun was overhead all countries would get the same night and day, which leads on to the argument of whether there is time zones, and how can we explain that it’s hotter in other countries than it is in England for example.

Arguments Against –

According to the Earth Flat Society, one of the most extreme and reliable claims explaining why the earth is not spherical is that all space images are fake and that the International Space Station’s Videos are all shot in a Zero-G plane. Similarly, the Flat Earth Society  say that there is a glass dome around our earth and no one has ever got into space, as the air is a glass dome. However, most of us know that many rockets and exploitation science trips to space have been successful, but could these have been faked?

Conclusion –

I believe that the earth is in-fact spherical. For example, people say that our atmosphere is covered by a glass dome however there are many possible counter arguments for this, for example how did the Falcon 9 rocket carry a satellite payload into orbit? Also, if you ever watch a rocket launch, you’d find that they don’t come crashing down because they’ve hit the glass dome at the top of our atmosphere. Also, all of the evidence for the flat earth theory has come from the Flat Earth Society, who are hardly unlikely to object to their own argument


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