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Internet Fun

It was very fun. We enjoyed doing the links and we thought the app was more easy to use than the computer. We loved using the ipad as well as the pop app. We have learnt loads of new things like how to make an app and how to put something on the blog. The app is really easy to use. We would like to use pop again.
By Rebecca and Mei Mae

The bottle with the letter in it.

Dear Philippines,

Are you OK? I feel sorry for you, and as soon as I heard the horrible news I felt quite upset. I bet you thought it was very scary and I think lots of people are injured but if you wanted people to know about your country – its come true, because you’re in the newspaper. I hope all of you are all OK and well and to all who are ill I hope you get better. Are the people giving you enough food and drink? If you think we aren’t giving you enough we’ll be there in a flash.

Remembering – Mei Mae, y4

It was Remembrance Day and I was walking with my grandchildren in a field of poppies and we sat down. They asked me what was it like  to be in the war and seeing people die but when they asked that question,  one tear fell down my cheek. So I sat remembering what it was like then. I said it was horrible having to see my best friend die. In the trenches it was cold and there were rats crawling up your back. Being in the war was terrifying but I wanted to carry on for my innocent best friend.