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POP-Digital Safety App by Max and Monty

MAX- This term we have been making interactive Digital Safety apps with the POP app. My app has worked out very well and I am very please with it. I have enjoyed this project very much and hope to be doing more projects like this. In this project we made the boxes full of text and well decorated. then I printed the boxes and took photos of the boxes to make the app. Via the App you link up the boxes and then your app is finished.

MONTY- ​I very much enjoyed making a POP-App. The digital safety is useful to me and other people. Turning digital safety into an app was fun and interesting. I think that the app worked well and all of the boxes have enough detail in them. I would like to do more fun projects like creating a POP-App.

The History of Real Madrania

The mysterious island of  Real Madrania was discovered by Sir Gio Ramos. He was a Spanish explorer, he got there in 1902. He decided to explore around Spain and he came across this island. Because it was nearest to Madrid he named it Real Madrania. There was a tribe on the island, when Sir Ramos got to it he showed them a football and he left it on the island.

Later on the Madranians had been having troubles sorting out problems and who to listen to. That is why they elected a leader of their tribe, his name was Carlos Ensselott. He was the one who decided to make a football team, their  first training session was in 1905. Then Carlos Ensselott decided that his tribe were going to export some diamonds. He made a deal with South Africa in 1919, he got lots of money for the diamonds.

On of the most famous beaches (Bal) there was an incident which happened with a shark. One of the best players for the Madranian team disappeared while he was swimming; a shark took him under the waves. Luckily Madrania managed to recover and they scouted a player from Asia.

In 1945 Real Madrania had a football war against Barcel. Madrania were unbeaten in 27 games. Barcel won 4-3 Ensselott was devastated at his defeat. The team were as well, they started going down in the leagues.

During the time in 1976 a massive volcano called Berna erupted. The event is known as ‘The Disaster of Ronaldon’ Ronaldon was the capital city. It happened quite quickly, and hundreds of people died. Berna was a massive volcano and it did a massive eruption and Ronaldon was torn to pieces. But they got it together and Madrania was rebuilt from ruins. They made a statue which still stands  in remembrance of the terrible event.

Now Real Madrania still stands and is a tourist attraction, millions visit it each month. It’s a very popular place.

Zombie’s Haircut – Monty

The Magic Canvas

Tom just came home from school. He walked into his house and sighed really loudly. Suddenly a gleaming light appeared right in front of him. Tom realized it was a painting canvas he stared at it, just then he got sucked into the canvas. Tom found himself in a place full of light . Then a voice spoke

“Tom, this is a place full of your memory’s and your future” Tom was very confused. Then a painting appeared.

“Tom this is your life, fill it with wonderful things!” the voice whispered.

“Ok” voiced Tom. He jumped in a portal and got back home. Continue reading

And Then The Noise Stopped Monty

The thunder had been striking down on Black City for weeks. No one knew why. The people began to get seriously scared. But then something strange happened, the rain was getting fainter ,and then the noise stopped… Something was wrong. The houses were ruined and people were dead. Black City was turning into a Horror Town. The people that visited it never escaped alive. The city was haunted by some kind of evil spirit. The city did not own anything happy or bright, it was just full of dead bodies and evil curses. Wherever you go in your life don’t go to Black City.

Musomic 100wc – Monty

They started to run. They could see his terrifying shadow following them; edging ever closer. They needed help fast. All of a sudden, a lightning bolt flashed in front of them and a magnificent figure appeared…..

He was surrounded by light and was clothed in a golden suit. He had powerful blue eyes . The creepy man chasing them stopped in his tracks.

” Hello!” the figure said.  The creepy man started to speak “Death belongs to you only!”

” I don’t think so!” said the golden figure as he threw a grenade at the the creepy guy. Suddenly the creepy guy exploded. The fear had disappeared.

Philippines Monty y4

Dear  Philippines,

I really hope that you will all survive. I think everyone deserves fresh water with no dirt and tasty food. No one should live in a cardboard box. Keep living, try and keep eating enough food to last you a day and drink enough water to make you survive. I feel really sorry for you because you don’t have a comfy bed to rest your head at night. Find fruit on trees and eat it and do anything to survive otherwise the population might go down. I hope that soon you will have a  bed, water and food.

Remembering, Monty – y4

Remembering the past reminds me of things that happened years ago. Happy things and sad things that are in my memory.  I remember when people were in war, my Granddad was in the royal navy about thirty five years ago. I remember when I first joined the school I am at. Remembering takes people back years ago.  I remember millions of things that are flying through my head all the time. Sometimes remembering can be hard. I remember when USA won the Olympics. I remember when I got a new TV. People remember loads of things. Welcome people to this magical world of remembering.