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Crystalia Guide

I found this project really easy because we planned a map . Then we drew it on the  paint.Next we did the history for  our country and we did a book about the country. the tricky bit about this project was making the map.

Crystalia History

The beautiful island of Crystalia was discovered in 2000 by Clara Rosalind, her husband Roger Rosalind amd also there daughter Hermiona. Hermiona was born in 11th march of 1991 her dad was born in 5 July of 1960. When Roger was 40 Clara was 39 and Hermiona was born. The  First War was in 2005 and was against the English and the Second War was in 2007 against Poland, both ended with Crystalia winning. Then Clara and Roger decided that they should become queen and king of Crystalia in 2008. They made a capital city in 2010 which was called Diamond and the first town was called Bubbles. The rest were called: Gem Town, Cat Lane, IT Town, Star Carpet and loads more.

Then there was another terrible war in Crystalia in 2011 because an Indian tribe came to find war, suddenly a Spanish boy came and The boy was called Tommy. He rescued the royal family and he fell in love with Hermiona.

Crystalia is now peaceful and making lots of money from selling diamonds.




The mysterious child

Once there lived a girl called Dayna she had a sister, who was in her bedroom playing with Dayna’s telephone. Dayna went to her bedroom and she heard music but her sister didn’t know how to put music on. Then the noise stopped. Dayna wondered what had happened, so she went into the room but her sister was gone. Dayna looked everywhere in her room but she still couldn’t find Rosie. She went down to the garden and saw a shadowy figure swinging on the swing, but to her horror, upon closer inspection it was not Rosie it was a vampire with a devilish face…

Musomic Chapter 2, Paulina

The little house was home to none other than, Gumface, the creepiest, ugliest and scariest creature on planet Earth, at least that’s what they thought until his evil sidekick, The Human Sloth, appeared.  Most aspects of ‘The Human Sloth’ were normal, he had two arms, two legs and a normal(ish) body but his head was petrifying. He had two brown patches over his sparkly dark eyes and a massive black sweaty nose that has snot permanently dripping from it. He had extremely big and sharp yellow claws, and he slowly started to raise them into the dark and gloomy sky…

The Poppy Field – Paulina, y4

I ran through the field of beautiful poppies.  While I ran, I was remembering the old soldiers that fought for us, how horrible would it be in a war like that. So many rats and nasty, yucky food.

Many wounded soldiers, it would be horrible to be in a war, I wish none of them had died.

I don’t think any of our current soldiers fight like the older ones, but I suppose you may become good if you were used to it, maybe I don’t know, I am small and young. I would hate to be a brave soldier.