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Pop Virtual Safety By Ram Louis And Eddie.

Ringmonia history

The vast land of Ringmonia was found by a young man called Aldrio Calson in 1763. He was  making a village called Yamalamdingdong. The place had a wonderful palace called Razoo. The battle of the tea spoon had begun. Finally the Ringmonians had won the battle and got the tea spoon. There was a massive underground volcano that was found by a legendary warrior in 1972.

Unfortunately, the warrior died because of an eruption. Then in 1982, the king was murdered by a person called Rohan and then he got be-headed and there was a new king called King Xanreec in 2003. The king had a bad disease that turns him into a Sea Monster so he has to go to the sea before 12:00 pm or he will die.

Therefore, Ringmonia is a strange but wonderful Island that is extremely popular with visitors but they need to be careful of the Volcano and the King!