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Robin Hood – Is this story true, or is it just fiction


There is a legend told that a man named Robin Hood lived through 14th Century; legend has it that he was an outlaw living in Sherwood Forest with his ‘Merry Men’. But this myth has a good chance of not existing. Robin Hood is well known for stealing from rich travellers and sharing this among the poor area. Legend says that he was around at the time of Richard I the lion-heart. But Robin Hood had an enemy, one that was more important and had a high position in Nottingham; the Sherriff of Nottingham. He apparently had a spouse: Maid Marion.  Maybe Robin Hood did exist but not the way we all think he did, or could everything about Robin Hood be a frame?

Arguments For:

Some have even argued that Robin Hood did exist, but more as a mythological creature; that the stories about him are a symbolic meaning. For instance, some have said that the traditional colour of Robin Hood’s outfit is Lincoln green; and that it represents the traditional colour of fairies. Or the colour green may also have a link with spring, which is featured prominently in the ballads, so this connects Robin Hood with life and growth.

One of the strongest arguments for was that Robin Hood was a real historic figure.  The early ballads linked Robin Hood with identifiable real places such as Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. It also can be argued that Robin Hood was just a medieval trickster such as Puck and Teutonic elf Hodekin; both of these are supernatural characters so Robin Hood should also be seen as one too.

 Arguments Against:

However, as well as there is a lot of evidence to prove that Robin Hood did exist; there is also as much evidence to prove that the Robin Hood myth is just fiction. The earliest records of this character are found in traditional ballads (narratives set to music). These ballads could have not been taken as historical evidence for Robin Hood’s existence; and were probably not written at the time Robin Hood was first alluded to.

Another claim is that Robin Hood wasn’t from Nottingham, but from York. So for instance, instead of him to be said to live in Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood is to have had his base in Barnsdale Forest. This claim was had to be found in the earliest ballads in the 15th Century. Additionally, these ballads mentions a church, thought to be St Mary Magdalene; in South Yorkshire.  This is where Robin Hood had been said to had married Maid Marian. Moreover, only one ballad mentions Nottingham and only a few early ballads mention Robin Hoods arch nemesis, the Sherriff of Nottingham. But everyone just assumes that the Sherriff of Nottingham did exist however there isn’t enough evidence to prove this is right.


Overall I think that Robin Hood existed but not the ‘Robin Hood’ everyone thinks it was. I think that he was not a real human just a figure that we should all learn from.  My research has helped me find out that there isn’t a lot of evidence to prove that Robin Hood did exist; most of the evidence I’ve gathered mentions totally different things.  So in my opinion, Robin Hood is like an allegory because everyone describes him as a type of heroic figure but really the story is like a moral so teaches us something important in life. But I could be wrong, we’ll never know the truth.



Gobo Shooter by Ruth

Digital Safety app By Ruth and Mirren Reflection by Ruth

For the past term I have been on which has given us computer science. We have been working on K-8 intro 20 hour course.I have learnt a lot of things that I did not know before. I learnt functions which was so hard  for me, a function is a piece of code in a block, you will have to give it a name then put it on the run block then it does every direction you put in the function.


This is a more complicated  function
function close up



I also learnt how to debug, debugging is when you have a piece of code and it is wrong so to debug it take away or add on blocks to make it work. Repeat blocks have been easy for me, because you  just insert how many times you want to repeat something and then you put the blocks you need in the loop.

I have also learnt what an algorithm is, it is an set of instructions. So if you put a move forward and turn right block that’s what  it  does.

I thought that functions was quite hard when I started because i did not know what they were. And also when you only had a few blocks to complete the puzzle it was challenging.

But overall I have loved doing it made me know things about computer science that I didn’t know before.

A Guide to Lebonia

This is a guide to Lebonia it tells you most of the things in Lebonia. I think I could improve on making the things in the book look better.

This project was so cool! My favorite bit was when we uploaded the book onto Flipsnack and the styled it up it was so fun!

I have loved this project!

The History of Lebonia

The beautiful island of Lebonia, was discovered by a Queen named Sofia. In 1986 Sofia and her sailors were sailing on her ship, and then a storm erupted. Her and her sailors landed on a  island and  they decided to call it Lebonia.

She looked after it very very well and she made her own island, she made more people come and the island became full. Sofia was in charged of the country and she led them very well; it was a peaceful island, until a king named King Edward, came to the island and caused confusion. In 1992 there was a war and it lasted for about 1 year. The war started over an argument over who was in charge of Lebonia. At the end of the war they made a solution, the solution to split the Island in half and both Sofia and Edward were quite pleased.

In 1999 there was a terrible earthquake, thousands of people were killed and many more lost their homes. Most of the two Islands were destroyed it took ages to fix both of the island. More countries heard about the news and they all helped so all the homes got fixed. In 2000 the population grew to 10000 and there were two great Islands.  Right now the two Islands still live and they are even better than before.

A letter in a bottle-Ruth y4

Dear Philippines,

I hope you are well. I am thinking of you everywhere I go. I heard about you on the news I am very sorry, I wish I  could be there for you right now.I am writing this letter to tell you to continue in life and never give up, so I hope you take this on board , because everybody goes through this and everybody is trying to help you.I am hoping  that your OK and happy I know how strong the wind was it was 100 miles per hour we all are trying to raise money for you so you can get back to usual.


Stay strong


Remembering, Ruth – y4

One day my Granddad took me and my other brothers and sisters to a graveyard – a special one. We sat down then my Granddad talked to us about the soldiers that were in the war he told us that the people who died in the war and body’s are in the graveyard. The graveyard was full of crosses and there was this type of flower, then my Granddad told me they are called poppies we were astonished of what he said. The next day we heard that our Granddad was dead and we were so sad but now we are still remembering him.

Ruth – 100 word challenge

My friend and I were going to the shopping mall. We were going through the woods then a mysterious thing happened my friend disappeared I was so worried in my head I was thinking were did she go. I went around the whole woods looking for her then it got to me I will go everywhere we went then I might find her so I went everywhere looking for her then I went through a wood I looked everywhere then I went passed a pond and I saw two boots and I said to myself could that be her is she still alive.


Ruth’s Dragon Cards

Ruth's Dragon Cards by mr_john_jones