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Is Bigfoot real ?


For many years people have gone out searching for Bigfoot, every time people go they always say they saw him but it this true?

Arguments for

Bigfoot is real because he has left behind markings such as footprints, debris, food, fur and as well photographic evidence which means he is real. Bigfoot’s kind has its own DNA, so a hunter killed a supposed Bigfoot took the animal for a DNA test and then got the results back saying the DNA strands say 100% Bigfoot DNA. Biggest Bigfoot sightings are from America with over a million people saying they’ve either got a  photo or killed Bigfoot.

Arguments against

Bigfoot isn’t real because his footprints aren’t actually big so it could be an ape, the debris is only ripped out plants and trees which a human could’ve done. The photos of   Bigfoot are fake because Bigfoot looks  the exact same as an ape. Bigfoot’s DNA is shared with the ape so it is most likely that it is fake. Also all over the world people have said they have seen Bigfoot when there is only actually one Bigfoot in the world. Bigfoot’s fur is actually normal ape hair along with teeth, eyes and limbs.


Bigfoot isn’t real because the against side proves to have more arguments about why he isn’t real than the for side saying that he isn’t real. Bigfoot isn’t real because all this evidence hasn’t been backed up enough to tell if it is real.