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Bekfast Shooter by Tom

POP App By Dave And Tom

I liked using the IPad’s and using POP. Also I liked the feeling of making my own app that you could use on an IPAD.



The Magic Picture

Tommy just came back from school. He thought to himself

“another boring homework to do”.

Then he looked up and he saw a blank picture on a easel. Then a voice spoke to him out of the picture. It said

“Tommy Tommy come into the painting it is me your mum I am in the painting”.

Tommy said

“how did you get in that painting”

His mum said ” I was painting a picture then I went up close to it and it sucked me in”. “Okay I will come in”.

Then Tommy walked into the painting. “Hi mum” muttered Tommy.


tom y4-100wc

There was a football match on Tottenham v Chelsea, Hugo lloris made a great save against Juan Mata. Hugo lloris booted the ball down the field to Jan Vertonghen he ran down the wing and crossed it in to Palinho he ran into the box took a shot then the noise suddenly stopped…Petr Cech  dived for the ball. But the shot was too fast and went past him and then the crowd started to cheer,1-0. The ref took the ball back to the center. Chelsea kicked the ball passed back and started to run forwards to the goal and took a shot themselves…

A Letter to the Philippines.

Dear Philippines,

I am really sad that you had to leave your homes and live outside. I think that the people in the shops should give you food and water for free so you do not suffer. I hope stay alive, so the population does not go down. I feel sorry for you because you do not have a bed or some were comfy to sleep so you do not get cold and die. I hope that you get some were to sleep or maybe a house or a shelter. Stay strong and fight through with no food and stay alive.





Remembering, Tom – y4

Remembering the people who gave up their lives to battle in the World war one and world war two many years ago. My Grandad was in the world war one as a somebody who fixed the tank and the ambulances. He went on to having a job in Higham garage in Higham where he lives and I live. we have two mins of silence to remember the people who gave up there lives to save us. In world war one England had a football math at Christmas with a football made out of leather that had just been sewn up.


Tom Y4 – 100 word challenge

I was coming out of my house and I saw somebody stuck in the mud. I ran over to the person. He had wellington boots on. I tried to pull the person out but the person would not move. The person still would not move. I ran back to my house to get my mum to help get the person out of the river. So I and my mum tried to pull the person out of the river but he still would not move. So I ran back to get my dad to help so he came over to help.