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POP-app by Xavier and Toni

Xavier-I really enjoyed this project. Although taxing is was a great challenge to take on.I will definitely try this at home, because it very fun! Toni-I  loved the project although challenging  it was fun.

The Tale of The Zombies

The Diamond Dragon

Once upon a time, an old sailor was floating upon the shimmering sea. He was in a miniature boat and was wearing a stripy vest and torn shorts. As he came to a island called ‘The Doom Canyon Isles’ . He got of his small boat and made his way to a little cave. He unpacked his luggage and made a bed. It was made of soft straw and the blanket was made of lion fur. The next day he saw a canyon. Suddenly, a gleaming dragon shot out of the canyon and blasted the sailor with a diamond; he fell to the floor.

Xavier – 100wc

As I made my way to the ditch I jumped over every day I saw a pair of boots sticking out of the mud there had been a storm last night and the ditch was full with mud.

I had often seen my  cousin wearing those boots. They had come to stay, was it her? Or  was it someone else, I do not know. I always wondered who it actually was, the person in the mud it always remained a mystery, the person in the mud, but I never ever knew! So that was a lesson to me!