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Digital safety app by Zara and Anna

Me and Anna enjoyed this topic. Although we had to come in at break time to finish it.


The Guide to Strumland.

The topic  I have been working on very interesting. My favorite part was making my book into a flipsnack I loved the way I got a hard cover with a spring to me it looked very nice, I also liked planning my newspaper. I thought something exciting like a kidnap or a murder!

The thing I should improve on was history Because I think I should put more detail in it.

Strumland’s History

Strumland was discovered by Tina and her brother in 1972, they were traveling to India, but they were struck by a storm and their ship sank, Tina and Sam managed to escape.Tina was a guitarist and so was her brother.

One year later they met a local tribe and the tribe told them how to survive the wild in Strumland, so in return Sam and Tina told them how to make a village.

Two years after Strumland built the capital city, another island got jealous in 1979 when Strumland’s population was only about 300, The island was called Jungleonia, they wanted to take over the island by ambush, therefore the country would be so sad they would bow down to Jungleonia! However, Jungleonia had to stop the ambush due to a religious festival.

In 1999 Sam decided that they should have a king and queen, but Tina said no. Sam decided that he could ask people see what they wanted.That did not help as half the country wanted a monarchy whilst the other half didn’t. The war went on for a year, then finally Tina said “Strumland is a peaceful country not a bossy country”.

In 2000 there was an earthquake and Strumland split in two and the sea rushed in the gap that the earthquake made. Tina was outside when the eathquake started and broke her leg!

In 2006 Strumland started exporting wood to make guitars and importing meat!

Now everybody comes to see the newly formed river that is called Hallieo River and reminds everyone of the terrible Earthquake and why we should all live peacefully.

The Weird Thing That Happened To Cat

The Creepy Tunnel

I went down this creepy tunnel and all there was for light was a lamp! I came to a dead end . I was banging my fists again against the wall (this was the 20th time). So I decided to explore this maze of a tunnel. Finally I came to a canvas and guess what lay before it? Paint brushes all shape and sizes, paint colors from the most palest yellow to the darkest, evilest colors and some pencils that was lade in all different shades! My eyes bulged with excitement! I drew a huge monster but suddenly there was a grumble…

Musomic 100wc, Zara – y4

“So we meet again!” He snarled, his huge teeth showed .

“LETS RUN ” shouted the girl .

They ran all the way through the woods with this freaky guy running and shouting “you can run but you can’t hide!”.

Sam shouted over his side, ” Annabelle look a light!” they came to a cottage and banged their hands on the door until their hands bled! Finally the door opened and standing in her pyjamas stood an old lady, probably aged 89, she whispered “what are you doing out so late dearies?”

” No time to explain” panted Annabelle. The old lady said “Nobody’s out there darling, just trees!”

A letter in a bottle-Zara y4

Dear Philippines

I feel very sorry for you. Nobody should live on the left overs of the streets and houses! Right now I am trying to help you with  food and drink to survive on; I am worrying about you. As you got hit by a 100 miles an hour typhoon I am going to try and raise money for you so you can start your business again and get back to normal! All my friends are with me! Please stay alive as long as you can! I can see you are all sad but you can always get through!

Stay strong!


Remembering, Zara – y4

At my favorite beach there is an air raid shelter made of concrete surrounded by nettles and thorns. I didn’t know it was there at the time . I always beseech my mum to go there! Every time I went there and went strait to the brisk sea ! Then I would have a distinctive lunch! Then I would play in the sand! When we were marching back to the car I noticed the air raid shelter I was quite startled! So I tugged my mums t-shirt !

She said” what ?”

I said ” look “

Mum looked and was surprised! That’s how I remember soldiers.

zara – 100 word challenge

I was coming home from school when I heard a blood curling scream and it came from MUDPOOL WOOD! This particular wood was a dangerous people went in and never came out again! I argued with myself should I go or shouldn’t? I decided to go down for this person’s sake I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I ran through trees jumped over logs and fell over! I got lost! I sat down cried! Then I heard a muffled sound I followed the sound and came to some wellies pointing out the ground, should I help?